How Much Hours Are Required For Per Diem Nursing?​

Per Diem Nursing Shifts

Nowadays, Nurses having Per diem nursing agencies has many extra benefits. If nurses have extra hours and a flexible work schedule as per you’re their routine are a few of them. Yet exactly how many total hours are there in per diem nursing? All this depends on a healthcare facility, what kind of their needs or requirements are to be, and how many hours nurses are willing to work.

The nurse can work both part-time and full-time. Hours might be different, and this is a great way to earn extra income as per diem nursing pay-out. Many nurses always choose to work a per diem shift because it allows them to spend spare time for their family or any obligations outside of work.

You can always see the flexibility is excellent, and hours aren’t guaranteed.

So now let us discuss how to do per diem shifts works, how many hours a PRN can await to work, and if PRNs are also expected to work on weekends.

In what way does the per diem shift work?

Although most healthcare have solutions to their own requirements, per diem nursing shifts vary. As you know, per diem nurses might get in demand while filling an empty, vacant shift at the last minute. Else the nurses might need to fill all those positions quickly.

Occasionally a hospital may have an unexpected number if there is an increase in patients & Nurses need to fill those positions as quickly as possible. Per Diem, nurses are contracted by a medical nursing staffing agency or hospitals or staffing solutions to complete work on an as-needed- basis.

Mainly Hospitals are usually staffed with nurses who are already working in a full-time or part-time work position. This means if a hospital (or) medical facility lacks additional help-out, PRN nurses, which are usually the first ones there to fill those opening positions.

Hospitals will always require extra help when it comes to per-diem nursing shifts. Although hours can’t be guaranteed, they will still need some assistance.

Nurses who work overtime for the hospital are often let go if the patient care volume decreases. PRN nurses usually get paid per hour, so they may also be removed from their schedule.

Because overtime nurses and PRN nurse cost more than nurses who work less than 40 hours per week, this is because Per diem nurses can work longer hours than full-time nurses, but they aren’t guaranteed.

There are many variables in the hours required by a hospital or other healthcare facility. While some hospitals might require five shifts per month, others may not have such strict requirements. Other hospitals may require that you work at least 12 hours per week.

The hospital can decide how many hours they are willing to give for a PRN.

What Are the average working hours for nurses?

As mentioned above, some hospitals might require a minimum of 12 hours per work week. Other hospitals might require 36 hours per month, but this varies from one facility to the next.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, some ER nurses reported that they didn’t have to meet their 36-hour monthly requirements. This was due to the low number of patients that were reported to their unit.

Some PRN nurses can work up to 40 hours per week because medical facilities prefer to pay less.

Hospitals can save money by paying per diem nurses. If they are close to the 40-hour mark, they can avoid overtime payments or pay full-time employees.

Does per diem nurses work on their weekends??

The facility and the nurse being hired will determine if they are available to work weekends. The hospital or nurse staffing agency may offer nurses the opportunity to discuss their needs. It is important to negotiate weekends.

Most nurses start per diem nursing shifts for two reasons. They can work extra hours if they choose. They can also earn additional income if they exceed their full-time work hours. Another reason is the possibility of reducing their hours. This gives them the freedom to work when and where they want, without any obligation.

PRNs can request to work weekends or no weekends. It all depends on whether the hospital allows them to make this choice.

Seniority is awarded to nurses who have worked in a hospital for a long time. Hospitals might offer weekends to encourage seniority by renewing their contracts. This is included in the contract for nurses who work directly at hospitals or are contracted out.


While per diem nursing hours can’t be guaranteed, there are many advantages to per diem. It will all depend on the needs of the hospital and their requirements.

One thing is certain, however: nurses can easily start per diem nursing with the AVA Medical Staffing .