Top 6 Benefits Of Per Diem Nursing Jobs In The USA​

Top 6 Benefits of Per Diem Nursing jobs in the USA


What is Per Diem Nursing?

Managing your career in the healthcare field is quite difficult. Being a nurse, your family and social life are much more difficult. Due to this, many nurses choose their careers in per diem nursing to work.

Nurses more over choose Per Diem shifts to work. “Per Diem” is a Latin phrase for by the day, meaning that per diem nurses are hired on an as per-needed basis. While choosing a per diem nursing agency that allows you to keep your current schedule & you can earn additional income by keeping your current nursing license active while you pursue other ventures or gain more valuable clinical experience in the nursing field.

In addition, it’s important to work per diem at a great medical staffing agency so that you can receive maximum benefits and support.

#1. Schedule Flexibility

Do you enjoy choosing the time you’d like to work? Do you enjoy having the option of not working on weekends when you do not want to? What about the holidays? Do you love taking them off to spend time with your family or enjoy working to earn the holiday bonus?

One of the best benefits of being a PRN nurse is your complete control over your work schedule. You can choose when you’d like to work and when you do not want to work.

A lot of registered nurses working on a per-diem basis are doing so to have time off that is important and not have to adhere to the same schedule determined for them by someone else’s decision—obligatory days like holidays and weekends.

#2. Higher Pay

Suppose you’ve not had the opportunity to hear. In that case, nurses who work on a per-diem basis for local staffing agencies receive a rate of pay per hour, which is significantly more than the average RN at the exact location.

When a nurse left a full-time nursing job to start taking on PRN nursing assignments and later contracting as a Travel nursing agency, per diem nurse was offered more than a 10 per cent increase in pay out with applying for jobs!

#3. Less Burnout

Burnout in nursing is a serious issue. What is the issue of burnout in the nursing profession? It’s likely to be more severe than you’re able to imagine. In 2017, Krono’s “Employee Engagement for Healthcare” research asked 257 registered nurses about burnout and nursing fatigue issues.

Although the study found that 93 % of nurses are satisfied with their work, a staggering 99% said they work in a physically and mentally demanding job. In a further breakdown, 44 per cent of nurses polled said their supervisors do not understand how tired they are, and 43 per cent said they cover up how exhausted they are to their bosses. Additionally, 83 per cent of nurses surveyed agreed that hospitals are losing nurses at alarming levels as nurses look for new companies and employers that offer more conducive working environments.

When you work for a PRN nurse staffing company, you can take on shifts in multiple hospitals in your region. If you’re switching the environment or working in various units within a single hospital, you’re less likely to be burned out as a registered nurse.

#4. Multiple Specialty Nursing Skills

Have you ever wanted to work in a specific specialization of nursing; however, your permanent staff RN position restricted you to only one area of expertise? Once you’ve gained experience and are confident in your nursing abilities, taking on per-diem nursing shifts in various specialties is possible. This will give you the chance to investigate different kinds of nursing to determine which you enjoy the most. Additionally, you can expand your skills list and resume.

#5. Tax-Free Benefits and reimbursements

Tax breaks are a great way to reap the advantages of per-diem nursing. Some tax-deductible items that per diem nurses can claim include:

In addition, the cost for uniforms which includes dry cleaning and laundry costs

  • Insurance for malpractice
  • Computer, phone, and internet costs related to your work (which also includes apps, warranties, and software)
  • Professional licensing costs
  • Cost of ongoing instruction (including books)
  • Costs associated with your job hunt
  • Trade literature costs

As tax time approaches, it is easy to discern how these tax breaks and reimbursements provide a nice nursing pay.

#6. Intercultural Competence

Nurses working PRN or in travel positions have numerous “first days working”. It is part of this line of work. It’s an enormous adjustment to undergo each time a nurse is transferred to a different facility. Although you won’t be able to build relationships as frequently with your colleagues as well as patients, you develop a sense of cultural competency.

In the health care setting in the healthcare setting, cultural competence refers to the capacity of healthcare professionals to rapidly adjust to the diverse group of patients who have diverse beliefs, values, and emotions. It is also a measure of your ability to adapt to a different setting and interact with people who are new to you efficiently.

Bonus Tip & Benefits of Per Diem Nursing

Keep the Balance Between Work and Play

It is essential to have some time off from work when you can unwind and relish your life. If you are a per-diem nurse, you can design your schedule around activities you’d like to be involved in so that you do not need to miss out on engaging in the activities you enjoy the most Perhaps you’d prefer to attend classes in art at your local gallery or go to a coming concert.

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